(French anis, Latin anisum, English anise )
Pronunciation: uh-nee s 
1. A Mediterranean plant of the parsley family, cultivated for its aromatic seeds, which are used in cooking and herbal medicine.
2. An Asian or American tree or shrub that bears fruit with an anis seed like odor.

“When I was thinking about a name for the production company I asked myself ‘if movies had a flavor, what flavor would they have? ’And the question immediately transported me back to my childhood when my mom used to take me to the movies and buy me ‘anis candies’, so the answer was right there, if movies have a flavor, they would taste like anis spice.” - Cris Saur

Anis Films is a dynamic, full-service film production company. We create and produce current, compelling motion campaigns and content for brands and organizations. With over a decade working in the fashion industry, we bring a unique vision and innovative approach to our clients. We like to think of our clients as partners. We love and enjoy what we do and we’re here to give it our all so let us help you shape your brand with the unique flavor of Anis!


Over the years we have served many great clients, big and small companies, non-profits and recording artists. We produce and shoot content for commercial, creative and entertainment clients, branded content, corporate videos, sizzle reels, films, documentary,  web video, and music video.



  • CREATIVE DIRECTION: Concept, Script, Story and Content development

  • PRODUCTION: Video, TVC, Documentaries and Films

  • POST-PRODUCTION: Editing, Color Grading and sound



Cris Saur

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Director I Producer I Editor


Alexandra Rios

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Director I Cinematographer I Editor